‘Card skimming’ is the illegal copying of information from the magnetic strip of a credit or ATM card. It is a more direct version of a phishing scam.
The scammers try to steal your details so they can access your accounts. Once scammers have skimmed your card, they can create a fake or ‘cloned’ card with your details on it. The scammer is then able to run up charges on your account.
Card skimming is also a way for scammers to steal your identity (your personal details) and use it to commit identity fraud. By stealing your personal details and account numbers the scammer may be able to borrow money or take out loans in your name.

Warning signs

- A shop assistant takes your card out of your sight in order to process your transaction.
- You are asked to swipe your card through more than one machine.
- You see a shop assistant swipe the card through a different machine to the one you used.
- You notice something suspicious about the card slot on an ATM (e.g. an attached device).
- You notice unusual or unauthorised transactions on your account or credit card statement.